Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Halloween Photopolymer Stamp Set

Just released!!!  I'm super excited about this new Bite Me Photopolymer Stamp Set.  Isn't it SO CUTE???  With creepy splotches, spiders, and webs, our Bite Me set will help you go all out on Halloween projects or party favors!!!

Bite Me Photopolymer Stamp Set
#134622  $13.95 (10 stamps)

Check out the following Photopolymer Stamp Sets for all your travel and adventure themed projects.

Greetings From Photopolymer Stamp Set
#134621  $13.95 (19 stamps)

Map It Out Photopolymer Stamp Set
#134620  $13.95 (64 stamps)

Thank you for stopping by today.  Can't wait to get these awesome stamps to create fun family projects!!!

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